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With CompCQ, we constantly innovate to ensure your competition law compliance training and knowledge verification is relevant, fun and easy, and takes due considerations of the specificity of your company

Competition Law Compliance – it used to be boring.
We made it relevant, fun and easy!

The facts:
  • Competition law compliance is here to stay; and it is increasingly more present and complex!
  • Companies are spending lots of time, efforts and resources to train employees and then to monitor they abide by the rules.
The challenge:
  • When only obeying to the rules without embracing the principles, compliance is not fully embraced; employee’s motivation erodes; compliance risks can materialise and the company is set to lose.
  • In addition, blind compliance to the rules can lead to business erosion, a fear of doing business replaces sound business risk-taking. Rules need to be applied proportionately and wisely, tailored to the business profile.
  • A proper understanding of the compliance risk tolerance is critical, but it often very one-sided
The realisation:
  • People of all age learn better when they have fun, even for the most difficult and at first sight uninteresting topics
  • Retention of knowledge acquired in games is much higher than in traditional learning environment
  • People like winning in games and feel motivated to comply by the rules if the rules are applied in a game
  • When combining the business and compliance considerations, people are more likely to embrace compliance out of principle, and not out of fear
The result:
  • Improved compliance
  • Reduced risks
  • Increased employee understanding of the compliance rationale
  • Increased employee satisfaction
The way:
  • Play the game, play CompCQ!
  • CompCQ translates complex real-life situations and case law into a relevant, easy to use and fun game, helps your company’s personnel acquire and embrace the needed compliance skills.

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