Improve compliance, reduce risks

Train by playing, make it fun!

Use your key value drivers, clear blind spots

Benefit from a fully flexible, expert-based platform

Increase understanding, retention and adherence to compliance via better training and understanding of rules and principles

Offer a stimulating and fun learning environment, with real life, easy to remember critical compliance situations and offer many rewards

Determine the key compliance and business parameters of the game, in accordance with your own company’s values and strategy, and benefit from powerful feedback tools

Tap into top class expert input to craft valuable learning scenarios, and benefit from a fully flexible and adaptable platform, with regular updates with the latest development

Improve compliance, reduce risks

  • Improve significantly compliance by increased understanding, retention and adherence to rules and practices
  • Reduce compliance risks due to better adherence as well as improved understanding of compliance issues
  • Offer better training and understanding of the rules and principles and increased satisfaction


Train by playing, have fun

  • Increase retention of rules and principles, ensure fun and rewards

  • Motivate with many rewards

  • Have fun while learning

  • Offer stimulating learning environment:
    – real life, easy to remember critical compliance situations

Some facts


84% of people are more likely to do the right thing if the right thing happens to be fun


76% increased retention rate of training when played as a game

Motivation to act increases with targeted rewards

Happy employees are more likely to adhere to compliance rules out of principle, and thus better protect the company

Use your key value drivers,
clear blind spots

  • Determine your key compliance and business parameters, in accordance with your company values and strategy
  • Use feedback loop to identify and improve problem situations and blind spots


Benefit from a fully flexible set up.

The game platform is very flexible and parameters and conditions for the players’ success and motivation can be tailored to match your specific business and compliance situation.

The game is based on real-life cases and situations, devised and verified by experts in Competition Law and in Learning and Development.


The flexible set up ensures that scenarios are regularly updated to incorporate the latest legal, educational and technological developments.


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